This incident took place a long time back but still I’m posting it here because it has been one of the most funniest incident happened ever in my life.
Huh……..The morning of 22nd April. After a sleepless night, got up early not for the D-day but coz I had to leave for Nagpur for the BITSAT test with Harsh. Rohit was missing here coz he was in Cuttack and hadn’t filled his forms for the same. While I was packing and getting ready for the Trip, the time in the clock was giving me the ‘creeps. Finally I switched on the PC and sat down for the much awaited (not for me) results. Damn….the CBSE people where again late to put up the results on their website. My finger was on “F5” for a long period till I felt its helplessness, I couldn’t succeed. Finally it was 9 and was the time for my leaving and I was feeling some kinda relieved that at l was gonna hear the results alone somewhere. So finally I decided to shut down the PC but my bro who was together keeping an eye and asked me not to do so as he would keep checking the site………..huh……
So finally I was getting outta my room when he shrieked: “Its there now…..”
No……………….Damn!!! Why do such things happen to me…………..
“Ok……let’s check it out…….”
I knew what was in stored for me there. I moved to Harsh’s house.
“How was it????”
“Those bloody CBSEiens gave me just 93 in Computer Science……….How could they do so???”
Confused??? He was not amazed with his marks but actually was angry about it. No one doubted his C++ skills. He was nicknamed by Rohit as Charles Babbage. He had got 100 outta 100 in all the school home exams and had represented some zone in the computer science programming and had done well at COFAS, stood 2nd in the National Cyber Olympiad, a NTSE scholar, KVPY qualified…………….enough !!!
“ I’ll give the paper for re-evaluation, will u??”
I was ready coz I too didn’t expect to get below 85………..
Anyways we moved away and finally were at the Durg junction…………
Thanks God, train was on time…………..otherwise I had the firm faith that nothing good was gonna happen to me the rest of the days of the same academic year…….
Got into the train and got All da best wishes and waved bye to dad………….
I guessed that the people at the front were also moving to Nagpur for the same test. “Again……….” Last time when I was on my way to Bangalore with Rohit, same thing had happened…… This guy had Arihant BITSAT Explorer open in front of him and the elder who was with him and whom we had guessed to be his teacher was guiding him on the questions he had a problem with.
Don’t know if the T.T.E. was waiting for us or if he was eager to make some money….of course black one……. Just as we were in, T.T.E. approached.
“Tickets please”
He checked them and moved to the people who were sitting just in front of us……
Verifying the tickets, T.T. asked them:
“Sorry, But you’ve got the wrong tickets”
Shocked at what he had heard, Uncle (person in front of me) shouted:
“Yea, the person with you is a male, but you got the ticket for a female”
“What nonsense!!! Show me the tickets”
T.T.E. was right. He had got the wrong tickets.
“Please wait. I wanna make a call.”
He made the call. Don’t know what benefit he could make by making that call.
“Now when I’ve the wrong tickets, you have the right to fine me. Only thing I can ask you for is to exempt me from this. If you want you can check his identity card. He is a male . Age is also correct and the name in your list is also correct. Only mistake is with the gender……plz………..”
Both the T.T.Es checked the documents and finally decided to give him the relief….
“Ok……But be careful next time………”
Uncle was relaxed!!!
The guy on the nearby birth had Chetan Bhagat’s “ Thee Mistakes of My Life” in his hand.
“Howz dat???” an involuntary question from our side……….
“Fine. But not as good as the first two…………..”
Oh…but anyways I’ll buy the book. I was pre-decided.
Suddenly T.T. called me near the gate.
“Take this”
He was giving me a Rs.50 note. I was shocked. What was I getting bribe for???
“What for” I asked.
“I had to give you Rs.50 back naa?”
“NO !!!”
I never knew Nagpur was so near. Just after 5 hours after we had left Bhilai, we were in Nagpur. After we got down we were confused which way to go? Whether towards Paschim or Purab. I asked Harsh to call the Uncle with whom we were going to stay there with. He called him and got the info about reaching his home. We were there within half an hour. Nagpur was not as hot as Bhilai was. We had our lunch. Uncle and aunt there were too much helping. They treated us as if we were their own kids.
Then we went into our room. The room had a TV.
Wow!!! Suddenly Harsh exclaimed.
“You know Mohit, today is da final between ManU n Chelsea……..
“we gotta have our exmas tomorrow dude !!!”
But finally we decided to watch the match.
Suddenly, my cell bipped for a message. It was Henna.
“How were the results?? I got blah %, Harshit got blah %”
“I got blah %. Didn’t do that well yaar. No one happy wid my marks :`(” I replied.
My cell rang. It was Henna again. Don’t know what happened but I cut the call.
She messaged again.
“Hey Sydney (she calls me Sydney…….long fable behind it). What happened. I called coz I tht u r upset n also coz msgng me wud cost u more dan da call charges 😉 ” she meant about the roaming charges
“Oh. Nothin such yaar, I cut coz I ws nt in my room u knw.” I’d to make some excuse and this was the best I could guess that very moment….lol
“Its ok. Don’t be upset……………………………………………”
After the message session, we took a nap and then in the evening had the hot cups of tea, thanks to aunty. After the dinner we were resting in our room and yeah, we had some studies…after all we had an exam the next day. Time was around 12 am and it was the time for match. Harsh switched on the TV. After the match had started Harsh was fully in the match and was on with his comments… I was shocked when suddenly after watching for 1 hour he said that he was going to sleep. When I got up in the morning Harsh was before TV watching the news of the last night.
“ManU won !!”
“Congrats dude”
So when we were ready we left for the exam centre which was at a walking distance. Exam was cool. It was an online exam and in front of every candidate there was an ‘on’ web-cam….huhh. I thought why didn’t they even give a mic too…lol. We met many school friends there at the examination centre. After the exam we went back to our home. In the eve we left home for our train. We gladly thanked uncle and aunt for such a grand care of ours. While we were on station we met five of our school friends on the station. They had missed their train. When we asked the reason we didn’t knew that there was laughter installed there in. They told that they wrongly noted the timings of the train. They had to board the UP train while they had noted the timing of DOWN train. While they were enjoying their lunch in the cafeteria their train passed the station. They realized this only when they inquired about the train. So now they too were boarding the train that we had. As I and Harsh were in reserved class and they didn’t have the reservation for this train, they requested us to please take care of few of their bags to be left in our compartment while they were busy trying to get reservation from the T.T.E.. We didn’t have any problem. When we had left Nagpur those few bags of theirs were with us. The train journey was pleasant as it wasn’t a big journey again When we had reached Dongargarh we thought that the next stoppage was gonna be Durg. So we got ready to get down. In the time I called my dad that we were reaching Durg. We thought that we would be approached by them for their baggage but they didn’t come. Finally when we reached the next stoppage we got down and hurriedly started searching for them to find out if they had got down. But we could not locate them. Our temper was sure to increase. Suddenly Harsh asked me “Look at the sign board, which station this is”. When I looked up I realized that this was gonna be the crappiest and funniest thing that had ever happened to me. It was Rajnandgaon station. We didn’t know that the train had its stoppage at Rajnandgaon too. I didn’t know how to react to the situation. We were laughing at our friends on their missing the train but now we were laughing at ourselves…lol. We told our friends about the thing. It was about 12:15 am. My cell rang and it was dad “where are you?” I didn’t know what to reply him. I told him the story. He asked me to stay there and wait for the next train which was due half an hour later. Don’t know how we passed that time. We were cursing the train that why did it have to stop at that station. When the train Ahmadabad- Howrah exp. reached the station we got into and went to Durg. As it was late in night only a few people were there at the station. My dad met few people who were also waiting for the same train. On the way home he told me that few friends of their sons took their bags and had got down at Dongargarh. Both I and Harsh were left just smiling and looking at each other’s face…………..


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